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The following are some ideas for tours to do in Bali with a Car and bali tour car driver. Talk to Sila, your car bali tour car driver, in advance, to arrange the longer tours. Your car bali tour car driver will stop where ever you choose along the way.

Bali Airport

Denpasar International Airport at Bali is a beatifully decorated cozy airport. Flights from Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Tokyo, Melbourne & Sydney land here and the passenger starts getting a touch of this heavenly island. When travelling from Australia most people on package tours get airport transfers included. These usually cost at $15 per head but you can arrange a pickup from Sila's car and bali tour car driver service. Ask for a price.

Airport transfer arrangement upon arrival is quite important especially if it is your first time to Bali. There are so many hotels, homestays, B&Bs, inns and villas in Bali, some of them with similar names. Some hotel chains have multiple establishments around Bali, so that wouldn't make it any easier especially trying to verbally explain to the taxi bali tour car drivers at the airport which one you would like them to send you to. It would save you so much time and hassle, not to mention, a peace of mind, to see your name on the board held by your designated bali tour car driver, you and your luggage driven safely from the airport straight to your accommodation, wherever it may be. Travelling can be very tiring most of the time, and you wouldn't want your taxi bali tour car driver to drive around aimlessly with the meter on, trying to figure out which hotel you wanted to go or which branch exactly. Some hotels around Kuta, Jimbaran and Seminyak/Legian offer complimentary airport transfers, some at an additional charge.

Please remember that for departing through Denpasar Airport (International), an outgoing passenger has to pay150,000 Rp as Airport Tax (since Nov. 1, 2007) and VOA (Visa On Arrival) cost is USD$25 for a 30 day visa.

Bali car & bali tour car driver for tours of Bali, use a Bali car and bali tour car driver.

So it's your first time visiting Kuta. Where to start?

First, get out on the street. The sooner you get out amongst the locals, the better. As you walk anyone and everyone will tout for your business. If you're not interested simply shake your head and move on. However, a little interaction will give you a feel for what life is like in downtown Kuta. Get chatting with the locals and they're only to happy to share their lives with you and will be more than happy to help with any specific requests.On the stalls barter hard, but only if you are serious about your purchase. You can carve the price to one third and barter up to a bit over one half. But remember, sometimes you will be haggling over cents so don't be ruthless. If bartering is not your go, seek out the fixed price shops. Many are around.

Eat out everywhere. With so many restaurants available at great prices make the most of it. If you pick the busier places you will generally get a good meal. Tip the friendly staff. A couple dollars worth of your own money is greatly appreciated.

Hygiene, hygiene, hygiene... Only drink bottled water. Wash your hands regularly and don't use tap water to brush your teeth or rinse toothbrushes. The more careful you are, the less likely you are to get the dreaded Bali belly.

Book day tours. Everywhere in Bali is accessible. Take the car and bali tour car driver in Bali on day tour to, Moutain Bike tours (Bali on Bike, Ubud), Lovina Beach, Tannah Lot (temple by the sea), Ubud (Bali's cultural centre), White water rafting (fun for all the family) Safari Park, Water Bom (a must if travelling with children), Lembongan Island (amazing snorkeling). All can be arranged via your hotel, but if you get friendly with street vendors selling tours you can secure a better price. Get out there and ask.

Best advice, relax! Kuta can be over-whelming for first time visitors if you let things get on top of you. Just go with the flow. If you do, you'll find things just work.

Bali car & bali tour car driver for tours of Bali, use a Bali car and bali tour car driver.

Things for Kids to Do in and around Ubud

Most kids really hate shopping. Sightseeing also gets to be a drag. Here are some other options with a Bali car and bali tour car driver:

1) Fishing at the Ubud Water Palace. There are beautiful water lily ponds in front of the Water Palace (hence it's title) which local children fish in. Remember to pack fishing rods/nets. The Lotus Cafe, which is mentioned in the Lonely Planet is directly in front of the water lily ponds, so you can watch your children fishing while you enjoy refreshments.

2) Fishing/paddling in the river/rice field streams. There are various parts of the rivers/streams flowing though the area that can be accessed on foot. Some descents are very steep while other spots are quite accessible. Eels can be fished out of the rice paddies (you can see these alive and writhing for sale at local produce markets). It would be worthwhile to get the advice of a trekking guide or other local about the best places to access for fishing.

3) White Water Rafting in the Ayung River. There are several operators that offer this activity. Prices seem to be negotiable depending who you go through. It is possible to pay less than 300,000 rupiah per person. The Ayung River is a level 2 river, for those who know something about whitewater. This is relatively gentle so pretty reasonable for children as well as fun for adults. For safety the minimum age with most operators seems to be 7 years. Rafting is loads of fun and a great activity to keep cool on a hot day. Parents who are not incredibly fit should be warned, however, that the access to the river is down very long staircases built into the walls of the gorge, and worse still climbing up them again at the end of the rafting journey. Getting up and down the gorge is much tougher than the actual rafting experience itelf. Not for those with a heart condition. Also ensure your children are well briefed that this is not the time to act out their pirate fantasies by clobbering people in other boats with their oars. This will disqualify them from the activity.

4) Cheap DVD's. There are several shops in central Ubud that sell cheap DVD's. Ensure you keep the receipts and that you have some equipment to test them with as it is not unusual to find that several don't work, but the shops were happy to exchange (so don't buy them on your last day).

5) TreeTop Adventure Park at Eka Karya Botanical Gardens, near Bedugal, Bali. This is a rope and pulley course set up through a forest of trees at Bali Botanic Gardens. Cost $13 per child. There are 5 Adventure Circuits from one tree to another with height range between 2-20 meters. 65 challenges for all levels and ages. Suspended bridges, Spider Nets, Tarzan Jumps, Flying-Fox, Flying Swings, and many more fun challenges.12 flying fox up to 160 meters in height. Open daily for individual or group from 8.30 a.m to 6.00. p.m. Each circuit takes about 2 1/2 hours. Entry fee in January 2010 was $13 USD per child and $20 USD per adult. Trained supervisors are on hand to ensure safety. Bedugal is also the location of a volcanic mountain and lake which is very scenic.

6) Bali Botanic Gardens, Ubud. There is a big maze to find you way through, among other things. It is situated near the village of Petulu just outside of Ubud, where hundreds of white cranes are known to rise on a nightly basis (around 5.30 pm) and create an interesting sight. Could be a good combined tour.

7) Hot Springs. There are hot springs at Mount Batur and some other hot springs at Angseri near Bedugal. These were a pleasant surprise if you are expecting sulphurous fumes, as there weren't any. Just hot water pools in a tropical jungle gorge. Magic. The ones at Angseri are set up like big swimming pools, and also huts with individuals spas in them. Popular with local youth and well maintained. There is a waterfall next the hot pool you can cool off under if you want to.

8) Bali Bird and Reptile Park - Children can get up close to some incredibly colourful parrots that don't seem to require cages to stay in the park. The park is small but beautifully landscaped, making a great exploration environment for little ones, and the exotic birds are magnificent to look at. Boys in particular will enjoy the snakes and lizards next door at the reptile park. They can hold a giant iguana which is an interesting experience and good photo opportunity. The entry fee is pretty good value at about $20 USD each (it's a combined ticket for the bird and reptile park), but the food is high end tourist prices, so bring some with you or eat elsewhere if you want to save $$.

9) Bali Zoo. The Zoo is located between Ubud and Denpasar. It's website was under construction at the time of this post.

10) Riding an Elephant at Bali Elephant Safari Park. This is a pretty costly exercise at around $60 USD per child for a half hour ride, particularly if you have more than one child/are on a tight budget, so perhaps only do this if your child expresses a strong desire in this direction. More info can be found about the elephant park at:

11) Buying a bird kite from one of the kite shops in Ubud and finding somewhere to fly it. Guide books talk of the romance of flying a kite in the rice fields. This wasn't observed on our journey, but that doesn't mean it can't be done.

12) Go for a walk through the rice fields and look for ducks. Guide books would have you believe the rice paddies are bristling with quacking ducks. In fact this is not so. Ducks are only used during certain times of the rice growing process and at other times are kept out of the way. Therefore keeping an eagle eye out for them can be an amusing challenge for children on a walk.

13) Take a class in traditional Balinese dance/ woodcarving / offering making / painting / cooking - classes for children and adults are offered by a range of artisans in the local area. Ubud Tourist Information may be able to provide information about who offers what.

14) The Green School located not far from Ubud sponsors a Green Camp for children during school break, weekends and holidays. For $65 USD per day, children can participate in a range of adventure and craft activities for a day. Hotel pick-ups and drop-offs are arranged also. provides more info. A good option if parents want a day to themselves.

15) The Sacred Monkey Forest. Some guide books make the monkeys sound quite un-child friendly, but this was not our experience. Some exhibited curiosity and came quite close. They did not seem particularly keen to snatch stuff and it seemed quite safe to offer them fruit to eat, so long as it was done in a sensible way. (ie. don't wave stuff at them randomly or have lots of things dangling off you). In general the monkeys in the sacred forest seem to be pretty well fed and not ravenous. You can really can quite close to them - just don't get so close that you touch them (or they think you will) as this will make them defensive. The babies are particularly cute. The monkey forest itself is pretty spectacular and has some great statues, bridges, walkways and water fall bits in it so another fun area for kids to explore. It is shady so a good activity for the hot part of the day.

16) Go on a jungle trek. Especially for the intrepid Indiana Jones type of child. The jungle is fantastic. Take a local guide with you so you don't get lost though. Made (pronounced Mah-day) Rumawan is a trekking guide who is local to the Ubud area, has good English and is knowledgeable about the area, contactable on Mobile: 081 338 594 669 from within Bali; email, or do a key word search "trekking guide bali" for others.

17) For the studious child - pick up an intricately carved Balinese chess set and spend some quality time playing a tranquil chess game or three. Chess is very popular among Balinese boys, and it's a good way to meet the neighbors in the evening.

18) If you're brave enough, give your children the opportunity to develop their bargaining skills for some desired item at the Ubud 'art' market or one of the many shops that doesn't operate with set prices (make sure your child understand the price limit you're prepared to pay for whatever it is).

19) On the inevitable car journeys or walks to see one site or another, count the chickens, ducks, dogs and cats; Identify the best looking fighting rooster.

20) If all else fails, take a DS with you as a standby, and make plenty of use of the hotel pool.

A PRECAUTIONARY NOTE: Dogs, monkeys and bats can all carry the rabies virus. ANY bite or scratch from these animals should be immediately addressed, preferably by a physician at BIMC, SOS or Sanglah Hospital.

21) Bali Quad Discovery Tours in Payangan, Ubud. The specialize in Quad Bike / Buggy Car Tours. The Bali Quad and Bali Buggy Tour bring you to the different parts of Bali, where you can see rice fields, cross the jungle and drive through Balinese Kampong. They only accept a limited number of participants during one tour. You can check their details at: They also offer Bali Canyon Tubing in Payangan, Ubud.

Bali car & bali tour car driver for tours of Bali, use a Bali car and bali tour car driver.

Things to do in Bali

Beach front of bay – swimming, snorkel

Blue lagoon - snorkeling – 10 minute walk north



Bias tugul – white sand beach – 20 minute walk south –swimming



Black sand beach – continue walking past Bias Tugul turnoff for ½ hour and arrive at village – stroll along beach, great views of nusa penida, fishing boats early morning returning.

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Bicycle hire

Local Market

Pura silayukti - on north point – mossie repellent needed to walk to tip of point – walks to smaller shrines with awesome views

Diving tours

Walk along padangbai beach

Wander around the main pier.

Nearby places to tour with a Bali car and bali tour car driver:

Day Tours

There are literally tons of things that you can do in Ubud during the day with or without a Bali car and bali tour car driver.

The first and most obious thing is to just walk around and look at all the wild life and beauty. Ubud has some breath taking scenery, and to not stop and enjoy it would be foolish. You can go bike riding on designated paths, or you can go off in the woods and make your own trail. It is advised that you be well prepared if you go out into the woods though. It's best to go with a partner. There are many rivers around Ubud, and you can go rafting down them, which is great fun with friends or family. You can also go kyaking down the rivers. Sometimes you can get guided tours for this, but you can also do it by yourself if you wish to. If you head out into the woods a bit you can do some great bird watching. There are dozens and dozens of different species out there, and it is a bird watchers paradise. You can go fishing as well in the rivers or out in the ocean if you want to travel for it, and this can be very rewarding as well. If you want to travel a bit outside, you can now go elephant riding also. The Bali Elephant Safari Park is not that far out of Ubud and provides an excellent and peacefull Elephant experience. Nigel and Yani Mason run this park where 27 rescued Sumartran elephants now call home. You can get up close with these beautiful animals, feeding and touching them and at the same time help support a good cause. You can indulge in an elephant ride although animal lovers and others with consciences will consider that elephant riding is not good for the elephant (their spines have a hard enough time dealing with their huge weight without also having to carry the heavy load of a carriage and passengers). You can then indulge in a little lunch at the scrumptious buffet.

Bali car & bali tour car driver for tours of Bali, use a Bali car and bali tour car driver.

Another good thing to do is to head to the top of the mountain, where fantastic views of the volcano and lake await. The last time this volcano erupted was 1997 and the land around it is still blackened from it's eruption. The view is spectacular - not to be missed. The charge to enter the area is around 5000 IDR per person but it is well worth it. No recommendations for lunch though, it's not great!

Pick yourself up an island guide for 50000 IDR from a Circle K for an insiders guide to the country - broken down by area - it has some excellent tips and tricks - highly recommended!

Bali car & bali tour car driver for tours of Bali, use a Bali car and bali tour car driver.

From Lonely Planet:

Teman Kertha Gosa

When the Dewa Agung dynasty moved here in 1710, the Semara Pura was established. The palace was laid out as a large square, believed to be in the form of a mandala, with courtyards, gardens, pavilions and moats. The complex is sometimes referred to as Taman Gili (Island Garden). Most of the original palace and grounds were destroyed by Dutch attacks in 1908 – the Pemedal Agung , the gateway on the south side of the square, is all that remains of the palace itself (but it's worth a close look to see the carvings).

Two important buildings are preserved in a restored section of the grounds, and, with a museum, they comprise the Taman Kertha Gosa complex. Although vendors are persistent, parking is easy and it's easy to explore the town from here.

Bali car & bali tour car driver for tours of Bali, use a Bali car and bali tour car driver.

Kertha Gosa

In the northeastern corner of the complex, the Kertha Gosa was effectively the supreme court of the Klungkung kingdom, where disputes and cases that could not be settled at the village level were eventually brought. This open-sided pavilion is a superb example of Klungkung architecture. The ceiling is completely covered with fine paintings in the Klungkung style. The paintings, done on asbestos sheeting, were installed in the 1940s, replacing cloth paintings that had deteriorated.

The rows of ceiling panels depict several themes. The lowest level illustrates five tales from Bali's answer to the Arabian Nights, where a girl called Tantri spins a different yarn every night. The next two rows are scenes from Bima's travels in the afterlife, where he witnesses the torment of evil-doers. The gruesome tortures are shown clearly, but there are different interpretations of which punishment goes with what crime. (There's an authoritative explanation in The Epic of Life – A Balinese Journey of the Soul by Idanna Pucci, available for reference in the pavilion.) The fourth row of panels depicts the story of Garuda's (mythical man-bird) search for the elixir of life, while the fifth row shows events on the Balinese astrological calendar. The next three rows return to the story of Bima, this time travelling in heaven, with doves and a lotus flower at the apex of the ceiling.

Bale Kambang

The ceiling of the beautiful 'Floating Pavilion' is painted in Klungkung style. Again, the different rows of paintings deal with various subjects. The first row is based on the astrological calendar, the second on the folk tale of Pan and Men Brayut and their 18 children, and the upper rows on the adventures of the hero Sutasona.

Museum Semarajaya

This diverting museum has an interesting collection of archaeological and other pieces. There are exhibits of songket (silver- or gold-threaded cloth) weaving and palm toddy (palm wine) and palm-sugar extraction. Don't miss the moving display about the 1908 puputan, along with some interesting old photos of the royal court. The exhibit on salt-making gives you a good idea of the hard work involved.


Read more:

Pura Tanah Lot

Let your Bali car and bali tour car driver take you on a popular day tour from south Bali, Pura Tanah Lot is the most visited and photographed temple in Bali, especially at sunset when crowds and traffic overwhelm the site. However, it has all the authenticity of a stage set – even the tower of rock that the temple sits upon is an artful reconstruction (the entire structure was crumbling) and over one-third of the rock is artificial.

Bali car & bali tour car driver for tours of Bali, use a Bali car and bali tour car driver.

For the Balinese, Pura Tanah Lot is one of the most important and venerated sea temples. Like Pura Luhur Ulu Watu, at the tip of the southern Bukit Peninsula, and Pura Rambut Siwi to the west, it is closely associated with the Majapahit priest Nirartha. It’s said that each of the sea temples was intended to be within sight of the next, so they formed a chain along Bali’s southwestern coast – from Pura Tanah Lot you can usually see the clifftop site of Pura Ulu Watu far to the south, and the long sweep of sea shore west to Perancak, near Negara.

But at Tanah Lot itself you may just see from one vendor to the next. To reach the temple, a walkway runs through a sideshow of souvenir shops down to the sea. To ease the task of making purchases, there is an ATM.

You can walk over to the temple itself at low tide, but non-Balinese people are not allowed to enter. One other thing: local legend has it that if you bring a partner to Tanah Lot before marriage, you will end up as split as the temple. Let that be a warning – or an inducemen.


Read more:

From Pommie Travels:

Buy something from a Kuta Stall

Whilst many dislike the tourist trap of Kuta, with its stalls selling fake sunglasses, fake DVDs and Bintang T-shirts, it’s still an experience all the same. This bustling network of narrow streets is filled with stalls, budget hotels, cheap warungs, and bikes galore. Walk down a Kuta street and there are bikes buzzing past, cars trying to get through crowds of tourists and people trying to sell things wherever you go. Although it’s heavily built up and designed for tourism, it’s great for budget hotels, cheap surf wear and cheap food. There’s certainly something about the energy of Kuta that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Bali car & bali tour car driver for tours of Bali, use a Bali car and bali tour car driver.

Eat breakfast at The Tuck Shop in Seminyak

Seminyak, just north of Kuta, is the equivalent of an up-market suburb. Most of the expat community live in the trendy area of Seminyak, with its designer shops, international restaurants of every cuisine, luxury villas and its swanky bars. Most of Seminyak centres around Oberoi road, where you’ll find my favourite breakfast place, the Tuck Shop. Serving delicious smoothies, healthy salads, amazing omelettes and fresh fruit salad, the Tuck Shop was my favourite hang out in the morning. Another regular haunt of mine was Cafe Zucchini with it’s yellow and white striped canopy and pick and mix salads.

What not to do in Bali, from - I don't agree with a lot of these comments but it is good to have another point of view.

Padangtegal Monkey Forest in Ubud

The temples on the site are considered sacred, but the place is marketed as a 'monkey forest sanctuary' due to the presence of the Balinese long-tailed macaques. There was a time when it was accessible only to the locals, but now it's a major tourist attraction, and the monkeys will boldly snatch fruit and shiny items like specs and hair clips off you. Even the locals have difficulty dealing with them. The monkeys venture off the grounds, so save the cost of the entrance fee and catch the critters outside if you really want to.

Note from BQ - I don't agree with this, I go to Bali for the tourist attractions. I admit I can only go to this once a visit but I would not deny other people a chance to see.

Bali car & bali tour car driver for tours of Bali, use a Bali car and bali tour car driver.

Nusa Dua

This area on the south-east peninsula of Bali was constructed as luxury resort enclave and could be anywhere in the world. If you're after any old Hilton, than this is the place for you. But for similar levels of luxury in a more natural, Balinese setting, head to the rice fields, valleys and tropical gardens, of Ubud's accommodation options.

Bali car & bali tour car driver for tours of Bali, use a Bali car and bali tour car driver.


Boutiques selling labels such as Billabong, Quiksilver and Just Jeans wrestle for the tourist dollar with shops selling Indonesian-made products, bars that blare loud music, and booths selling local tours. This entire scene is no different from similar tourist streets in Bangkok, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur or Koh Phangan. Once you've seen one, you've seen them all.

Note from BQ - perhaps true but you are not in Bangkok you have chosen to go to Bali and this is part of what it is.

Ubud market

Originally a produce market for locals, these days the stalls inside are stocked with souvenirs, clothing and handicrafts priced more than 10 times the original cost. Everything spills out on to the walkways, obstructing the airflow and making it difficult to browse without breaking out in a sweat. It's now more of a colourful spectacle that caters to tourists — look for your traditional market experience elsewhere, like at Badung Market in Denpasar or Sukawati Market in Gianyar. But if you really must have that "Bintang" T-shirt, buy it from the stalls outside the main market — there you'll get a much better price.

Bali car & bali tour car driver for tours of Bali, use a Bali car and bali tour car driver.

Note from BQ - still an interesting experience.

Dolphin tours in Lovina

While it sounds thrilling to spot dolphins at the break of dawn, you're sure to find yourself sharing one of 30 traditional wooden fishing boats with two to five other travellers, the lot of you chasing after every fin or tail that breaks the surface. A much better option is to go snorkelling in the clear waters of Lovina on your own where you can check out the colourful, healthy coral (and perhaps even one of the famed finned ones).

Note from BQ - I have never tried this, maybe next time and then I will comment.

Made's Warung

Established in 1969, Made's Warung has lost its authenticity as a local warung, or eating place, and boomed into a gathering point for tourists, locals and expats who simply want to be seen. Head here if that's for you, but you can find more authentic warungs elsewhere.

Bali car & bali tour car driver for tours of Bali, use a Bali car and bali tour car driver.

As above - next time maybe.

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